Morgan Gray
Full Stack Developer

I'm a software engineer with a passion for designing and creating modern web apps from the ground up

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About Me

Hi! I'm Morgan
I come from a background in Graphic Design where I exercised my passion for crafting pleasing digital user experiences. I later found that coding could combine two of my greatest passions: design and problem solving.

Working with clients to tailor designs and features to meet their needs is my favorite part of web development.

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St. Luke's Memorial Garden

React, Node, Express, Material UI

St. Luke's Memorial Garden

React, Node, Express, Material UI

A client reached out with a problem regarding the inefficiency with how their plot reservations data was being managed for their memorial garden. They had two separate sources of data:

1) The blueprint of the memorial garden locations and physical space overview

2) A long spreadsheet of user info that referenced a location ID. With hundreds of plots, it was very cumbersome and difficult to cross-reference and quickly understand the status of the plots.

Solution: We worked together to come up with an interactive map of the memorial garden, where each plot visually identifies its status and changes could be made to its associated user info.

This drastically improved the client's ability to quickly understand the state of each plot, view availability, search for particular users to see the location and status of their reservation, and more.

I also incorporated search, filtering, and an organized table to help the client quickly locate particular data.

The client gave me permission to create a demo of the app with mock user data for portfolio purposes.

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